A new page, Scouting Fundamentals, has been added.  This lists the Boy Scout Oath, Law and Motto, among other things.
I was browsing the web for some scout related items and looked into creating a bow saw.  This article explains in detail how to create and use one to start a fire.

No flint and steel needed, just your own ingenuity:

While looking into the above, I also checked into building a lean-to.  I came across this website which covered a wider gambit of topics, like building emergency shelters.

On an unrelated topic...
I updated the Youth Protection section to include a link to the Parent's Guide.  One of the requirements for the Scouts is to review this.  The troop wants a signed copy for our records, and to ensure it was reviewed.  The link provides a Parent or Scout the capability to view the materials at anytime they wish.

Each of the Advancement sections now contain links to the worksheets for the corresponding advancement.

The Flash Game is a Chess Game, which is one of the newer Merit Badges available.  I've also posted a link to the new Welding Merit badge requirements as well.  (This cannot be earned until February 24th).

The link to the Application for Merit Badge Counselor from the Old Colony website would produce a 404 error.  Luckily, I saved a .pdf version onto my computer.  It's now uploaded and available on the Merit Badge page.

The Patrol Meeting Guidance Sheet is now available in the Checklists Page.  This can be used as a tool  to assist patrols in keeping track and covering much of the necessary information.  All feedback is welcome, so we can create newer or updated versions for use. 

Feel free to share your comments.